Speaking and Listening in Spanish

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced Spanish learners who want to improve their conversational skills and become more confident speaking the language. With a focus on oral communication and listening comprehension, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to practice speaking and interacting with others in real-life situations. Whether you’re preparing for a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, looking to improve your professional skills, or simply want to practice your Spanish speaking abilities, this course is the perfect way to achieve your goals. Join me now and let’s start speaking Spanish with confidence!

Below are some of the topics you will learn

  1. Pronunciation and Intonation: This module will focus on improving students’ pronunciation and intonation of the Spanish language. It will cover the sounds of the Spanish alphabet, stress patterns, and the intonation of different types of sentences.
  2. Vocabulary and Fluency: In this module, students will work on expanding their vocabulary and increasing their fluency in Spanish. They will be introduced to new vocabulary through various exercises and activities and will practice using it in conversation.
  3. Grammar and Sentence Structure: This module will focus on improving students’ understanding of Spanish grammar and sentence structure. It will cover verb tenses, sentence construction, and common grammar errors.
  4. Conversation Practice: This module will provide students with opportunities to practice their speaking skills through various activities and exercises, such as role-playing, debates, and discussions.
  5. Cultural Understanding: This module will introduce students to the culture and customs of Spanish-speaking countries, including festivals, traditions, and customs. It will also provide students with cultural context to better understand the language and communication.
  6. Reading and Listening Comprehension: In this module, students will work on improving their reading and listening comprehension skills through exercises, audio recordings, and videos.
  7. Review and Assessment: This final module will review all of the material covered in the course and provide an assessment for students to test their knowledge and understanding of the Spanish language.
  8. Speech and Pronunciation exercises: This module will focus on specific exercises designed to improve students’ speech and pronunciation. Exercises may include repetition, tongue twisters, and other activities to develop the muscles used in pronunciation.
  9. Real-Life Scenarios: This module will provide students with opportunities to practice their speaking skills in real-life scenarios. Students will work on role-playing exercises, simulations, and other activities that simulate real-life situations in Spanish-speaking countries.

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