Spanish for Intermediate

This course is designed for students who have a basic understanding of Spanish and are ready to take their language skills to the next level. Through engaging lessons and interactive activities, you’ll expand your vocabulary, improve your grammar, and build confidence in speaking and understanding Spanish. Whether you’re looking to communicate more effectively with Spanish-speaking colleagues, friends, or family, or simply want to deepen your knowledge of the language, this course is the perfect next step in your Spanish language journey. Let’s get started!

Below are some of the topics you will learn:

  1. Advanced Grammar: This module will cover more complex grammar concepts such as the subjunctive mood, the passive voice, and relative pronouns.
  2. Idiomatic Expressions: Learn common idiomatic expressions and colloquial language used in Spanish-speaking countries.
  3. Literature and Culture: Study classic and contemporary literature, as well as cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking countries, such as art, music, and cinema.
  4. Business Spanish: Learn the vocabulary and phrases used in business and professional settings, including meetings, negotiations, and presentations.
  5. News and Current Affairs: Study the vocabulary and language used to discuss current events and political issues in Spanish-speaking countries.
  6. Advanced Conversation: Practice more complex conversation skills and engage in discussions on a variety of topics in Spanish.
  7. Translation: Learn the skills and techniques used in translation from Spanish to your native language or vice versa.
  8. Advanced Writing: Study advanced writing skills such as essay-writing, creative writing, and formal letter-writing in Spanish.
  9. Spanish for Specific Purposes: Learn Spanish tailored for a specific field or industry, such as medicine, law, or tourism.

Example of Spanish for Specific Purposes

  1. Spanish for the Media: Study the vocabulary and language used in the media, including television, radio, and journalism in Spanish.
  2. Spanish for Academic Purposes: Learn the language and research skills needed to study in a Spanish-speaking university or academic setting.
  3. History and Civilization: Study the history and civilization of Spanish-speaking countries, including their cultural heritage and social evolution.
  4. Spanish for the Legal System: Learn the vocabulary and legal terminology used in the Spanish-speaking legal system.
  5. Spanish for the Hospitality Industry: Learn the language and communication skills used in the hospitality industry, such as hotels, restaurants, and tourism.
  6. Spanish for Science and Technology: Learn the language and technical vocabulary used in science and technology fields, such as medicine, engineering, and computer science.

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